kaitlyn (sugar_cookie15) wrote in scarsandsilver,

The Sneak

Title: The Sneak
Author: Sugar cookie, ME!!!!
Pairing: H/D
original characters: Randall Carter (not of J.K.R.)
Disclaimers: duh! J.K. Rowling (Randall Carter is strictly original)
Rating: (for language only, sorry TT-TT) R
Status: complete
Summary: a mysterious creature lurks within the school walls, not to mention a suspicious student just transferred from New Jersey. Draco was just far too suspicious of him by his strange aura and actions, but knew he wouldn't be able to figure out exactly what he is on his own. Overhearing a conversation Harry had with his friends about becoming a detective in the muggle world, he got to thinking. Perhaps he would be bold enough to take on his first case.

sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/5135.html#cutid2 chapter one
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/5506.html#cutid1 chapter two
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/5729.html#cutid1 chapter three
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/6764.html#cutid1 chapter four
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/7035.html#cutid1 chapter five
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/7328.html#cutid1 chapter five part 2
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/7510.html#cutid1 chapter six
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/7719.html#cutid1 chapter seven
http://sugar-cookie15.livejournal.com/8129.html After Story Special
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