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Title: Love Bites
Author: Chisox727
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slash, language, a wee bit more angst, and a bit of crack!
Pairing: HP/DM
Word count: 711
Disclaimer: Owned by J.K. Rowling
Summary: Draco runs out, but our hero wouldn’t let that be the end of it, would he?
A/N: Written for jamie2109 and nocturnali's AWDT prompt of “It was just a kiss” with bonus points if the phrase “I want to be a pirate”, is thrown in as well.

Also…this is Part 4 of the Not Quite Perfect arc.

Part 1 here: http://chisox727.livejournal.com/23814.html#cutid1

Part 2 here: http://chisox727.livejournal.com/24447.html#cutid2

Part 3 here: http://chisox727.livejournal.com/26394.html#cutid3

Draco bolted out of the house but as soon as he hit the porch steps, he remember that Potter had let the dogs out before dinner and that the little ankle bitters were still out in the yard.

“Damn it!” Draco swore aloud as he considered whether or not it would be better to return inside or take his chances with the three puppies from Hell.

His indecision nearly cost him as he heard Potter yell from the back of the house, “Gershwin, Sherman, Einstein…come boys!” Draco nearly trembled as all three came tearing out from the front bushes they had obviously been lying in with the intention of attacking him and swung around the house toward their owner’s voice.

Draco had reached the walkway to the gate when he heard the main door to the house open behind him.

“If I called you, would you come too?” Harry’s voiced asked from behind him.

Draco spun so quickly he nearly got dizzy. “Excuse me?”

Harry trampled down the stairs and faced his guest. “I’m sorry, that didn’t quite come out right. I meant that if I asked you would you come back inside.”

It took all of Draco’s self-control not to explode. “Potter, I don’t know why you thought this delusional act would serve as some benefit…”

“I’m sorry, Draco!” Harry implored. “I really am sorry. Please, come back inside.”

Draco stared incredulously at his enemy-turned-dinner companion and said, “Are you kidding? You think a little ‘I’m sorry’ will undo what has happened here?”

Harry smiled and hoped it was enough to disarm Draco. “I have tea…and crumpets and things. Come on, Draco. You never were as good at the dramatic exit thing as you thought you were.”

“Is that supposed to be funny, Potter?” Draco asked with a mirthless laugh. “Invite your guest over, steal his clothes, insult him and then expect him to reenter the house of a million laughs?”

Harry sighed. Draco could tell he really wasn’t good at the whole get-the-person-you-just-insulted-to-like-you-again thing. He almost took pity on him. Almost.

Draco was just getting ready to walk away again when Harry cleared his voice and replied, “What if I made it worth your while? You’re a Slytherin, right? You’re always up for something if you see some value in it for you.”

“What could you possibly have that you think I could want?” Draco asked. He was more than shocked when Harry answered not with words but a warm, wet kiss.

Their lips sealed and Draco was amazed at the heat it created. Harry applied just the right amount of pressure. Draco’s shock was short lived as he found himself melting into the kiss and he nearly had to bite back a moan at the deliciousness of it all. Never had he imagined that this was what he might want. His brain was beginning its shut down mode when Potter slid his hands around to Draco’s back and they traveled upwards toward his neck. This was enough to make Draco remember that he didn’t even LIKE Potter!

“Ack!” Draco cried as he pulled away from the kiss. “What was that?”

The back of Harry’s hand came to rest on his mouth as he answered, “It was just a kiss!”

“A kiss?” The tone in Draco’s voice was returning. “What were you thinking? You think you can just steal a kiss from me and that will be all right? Who do you think…”

Harry smirked at the word ‘steal’ and replied, “Well, I’ve always wanted to be a pirate.”

“…you are, Potter? You can’t…wait…What?” Draco asked, suddenly lost in his own rant by Harry’s strange confession.

“Never mind,” Harry muttered. “Come inside, Draco. Let me make it up to you.”

Harry tried to take his hand, but Draco pulled out of it just as quickly. “No! No! I think you’ve made quite enough for me, Potter. I’m leaving. Good night and thank you for this most unusual evening.”

Draco turned and exited the yard as quickly as he could without actually running.

“Draco,” Harry called in one last attempt.

His voice was steady and clear as he responded, “Stay away from me, Potter. Go back to England.”


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