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Scars and Silver: A Harry/Draco Fic Community

A home for Harry/Draco fics
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Welcome to Scars and Silver, a Harry/Draco slash fanfiction community. There are monthly challenges, but non-challenge related fics may be posted here. To see previously posted fics catagorized by genre, rating or challenge please visit our memories section or our archive to see stories organized by title or author.

Mission Statement: To bring H/D shippers together from the world over. (AKA: We just want to read about them snogging some more.)


For the most part, there is a three strike policy on rule breaking: first offense - warning, second offense - two week ban, third offense - permanent ban.

To post, you must be a member of scarsandsilver.

The following heading should be included in any post.

In the subject line - "Fic Title"-"Author's Name"

And at the top of your post:

Other Pairings:
Author's Notes:

All fics must be placed behind cut tags for sake of space and content that may be considered objectable.

All ratings are admitted, but we ask that any fic with a rating R or higher should have very clearly defined warnings.

Have every fic beta'ed. Your spellcheck isn't perfect and no matter how much you modify the dictionary, it never will be.

All fics should be over a hundred words to however long you want it to be. Chaptered fics are welcomed with open arms, but please post a chapter list with each following segment.

Rec'ed fics are allowed with the author's explicit permission. The more we can read the better. :)

Non-fic posts are not allowed unless it pertains directly to the community. Even then we would perfer to have comments/complaints emailed to one of your wonderful mods pickzee and littlecho.

Flaming is not tolerated. You flame, you die, and I didn't get this far in life not following through with my threats. This is a one strike situation. Flaming is harmful to every member of the community and it is incredibly unpleasant for the writer to recieve mindless unconstructive criticism on something they have worked hard on. Constructive criticism and general fawning is rewarded with cookies and glomps.

NO PLAGIARIZING It is bad for everyone. You do this once and you are eternally banned. No ifs, ands, or buts.

A new challenge will be posted every thirty days. You have the thirty days before the next challenge to submit entries. The results (1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention) should be posted within a week's time.

The prizes are as follows:

First - A free personalized LJ layout (we are starving artists, we can't afford to give out LJ coupons every month) and an award graphic.

Second through Honorable Mention - An award graphic.

Everyone get it? Now go play nicely...

Oh, and go spread the word from the hilltops about this community. We need as much love as we can get. Pimp it shamelessly.