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Releasing the Dove

Title: Releasing the Dove
Author: Chisox727
Rating: R
Warnings: slash, angst, cussing, fluff
Pairing: HP/DM
Word count: 1445
Disclaimer: Owned by J.K. Rowling.
Summary: COMPLETE: When all else has been exhausted, sometimes you have to make your peace.
A/N: Written for jamie2109 and nocturnali's AWDT prompt of "If we're both drunk, it doesn't matter."

Also…this is Part 7, and the last part, of the Not Quite Perfect arc.

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Harry stared at him and said, “You’re not evil. You’re not that. You’re many things, but evil isn’t one of them.”

Draco put his head back into his hands.

“I still don’t get it, Draco? You had to have known that was my mother’s name? Why her name?” Harry asked again. “Of all the Muggle names, why hers? Please answer me.”

Draco looked up at Potter and was amazed at what he saw. Here was the ‘savior’ to the Wizarding world crying before him and begging him for something. Potter looked shell-shocked and hurt beyond anything Draco could have wished upon him.

And so Draco did what a normal person naturally would do when someone in front of them is crying. He wrapped his arms around Harry and started whispering nonsensical words to calm him. Sure it occurred to Draco that he was, in essence, killing his own defense of being ‘evil’ by comforting Potter, but the raw pain was too much to watch.

Words like ‘Shh’ and ‘it’ll be all right’ tumbled from Draco’s mouth. Harry’s pain was so real, so tangible to Draco that he began spilling his secrets. “I picked that name because of you, Harry.

When Harry pulled back, shocked, Draco continued. “Even when I moved here, I couldn’t escape my father’s legacy. After living here a few months I realized that I needed to get a job. I had no friends, no family and I was spending every day alone in my apartment. Sure it was nice to read all day or watch the telly, but I was bored. So I went to the bank where I had exchanged my money once I got here and applied for a job. It’s a Wizarding and Muggle bank and as the assistant hiring manager looked at my last name, he face froze in anger. Apparently, he knew of my father.

“But, thankfully, the real manager was walking in at that moment and, noticing the situation, took my application and asked me to come into her office. She looked at my name and gave me a sad smile, but said she understood and would give me the job on one condition,” Draco paused, but it was too long for Harry.

“What was the condition?”

Draco grimaced as he answered, “That I change my last name.”

“And you picked Evans? How…why…Evans?” Harry asked.

Draco knew it was time to be honest. “Well, when I moved here, I was still nursing my broken heart.”

“Someone broke your heart?” Harry asked in the tone someone uses when they realize that they have no chance at romance with the person they want to.

Draco smiled knowing he was telling too much. However, he softly said, “Yes. And with him on my mind, I picked a name that I knew had significance in his life. It was my way of feeling closer to him even though I was still mad as hell that he tormented me. I swore I wouldn’t let him hurt me again.”

“But…but…” Harry said. And then Draco could see the realization on his face. “Me? You liked me? But…but I didn’t break your heart! How could I have broken your heart?”

So Draco told him the story.

Harry groaned. “But I didn’t know! Hermione has always said that I am oblivious to things right in front of my face. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“And hurt my pride?” Draco asked, scandalized. “Never.”

Harry used the back of his hand to gently rub down Draco’s face. “It would have saved a lot of time and fuss.”

Feeling very uncomfortable with his confession and knowing he had just given Potter years of blackmailing material, Draco stood and said, “I have to go. “

The shock quickly registered on Harry’s face. “Why? I’ve already I told you that I fancy you and now you’re telling me that you feel the same…”

“FELT the same, Potter, felt,” Draco interrupted. “That was a long time ago and I told you I swore to myself that I wouldn’t get hurt by that person…you…again.”

“You must be joking, Draco,” Harry said, incredulously. “Happiness is right in front of you and you wont take it?”

Draco sadly smiled. “I’m sorry, Potter. Now I really must be going.”

“At least let me make one more dinner for you…as a peace offering…you know, release the dove and all that,” Potter said.


“Please, Draco, please,” Harry begged. “You still have the card with the address, right? Meet me at 6 pm for a final dinner. I’ll even make your favorite. Er…what is your favorite?”

Draco sighed. “I can’t come to your house for dinner…”

“Yes, you can!” Harry interrupted. “My house. 6 o’clock tonight. See you then!”

Draco was about to respond when Potter disapparated. Frustrated because he knew damn well he was going to be at dinner tonight, he sighed. He had no way of telling Potter he wouldn’t be attending now, and it would be carelessly rude if he was a no show. Right?


Draco walked up to the iron fence and felt a wave of foreboding. ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ he thought. ‘I must be out of my fucking mind!’

He opened the gate carefully, listening for the telltale sign of the dogs. The last thing he needed was a kiss…from one of the dogs. Draco knocked on the door and was surprised when it opened on it’s own.

“In here, Draco,” Potter’s voice called from the kitchen. “Make yourself at home. There’s wine on the table.”

Draco followed Harry’s voice through the dining room into the kitchen. He could hear the dogs barking from someplace upstairs. Harry was stirring a pot that was boiling and trying to get a pan of chicken into the oven. All without magic.

“Let me help you,” Draco said as he walked over and took the spoon from Potter’s hands. “Ever heard of magic, Potter? Great thing when you need to do two things at once.”

Harry was floored. Not only by Draco’s offer to help, but by the fact that he seemed to know what he was doing. “Um…did you get a glass of wine?”

“Not yet,” Draco answered as he set the temperature under the pot to a lower degree. “Want to grab me a glass? And where is the lid for this? It needs to simmer.”

Harry got the wine and the lid for Draco and the two men sat at the kitchen island, drinking and talking.

“Aren’t you surprised I am here?” Draco asked after a few glasses of wine. “I did turn you down for the invitation.”

Harry smiled and failed when he tried to sound confident, “Nope. I knew you’d come.”

Draco snorted inelegantly at the response. His eyes widened comically when he realized what he had done, but Potter was laughing so hard, it was contagious. The two men laughed, almost to tears.

Harry leaned wrong mid-laugh and would have fallen off his stool, but Draco grabbed him by the upper arms and righted him. Both men stopped laughing immediately, aware that Draco had not taken his hands off of Harry.

Suddenly they were kissing. Their lips sealed together, roughly, and Draco made a small noise as Harry’s tongue pried open his mouth. Each man fought for dominance over the kiss, Draco winning as Harry relented. Their kiss was a surprise to both of them.

Harry’s hands began unbuttoning the shirt in front of him, grazing Draco’s nipples in their haste. Harry’s mouth left his and trailed down his neck, chest and belly before returning to it’s home. Someone made the most embarrassing moaning noise, but Draco couldn’t be sure whom it was. As Harry started to unbuckle his belt, Draco pulled away.

“We can’t, Harry!” Draco said, breathless from the kiss.

Harry almost sounded petulant when he asked, “Why not? We’re both consenting adults!”

“Because…because…” but Draco couldn’t think of a real reason, other than he hated Harry. But even he could tell that was no longer true. “We’re drunk”

"If we're both drunk, it doesn't matter." Harry tried.

Draco laughed at the logic and said something that surprised them both. “Not our first time. I don’t want to be drunk for our first time.”

He could tell Potter was disappointed, at first, but suddenly his face lit up.

“You don’t want to be drunk for our first time? Meaning there will be a first time?” Harry said hopefully.

Smiling, Draco replied, “Possibly. Maybe.”

Harry beamed, knowing this was the beginning of something wonderful.


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