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Having Fun at Your Expense

Title: Having Fun at Your Expense
Author: Chisox727
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: pre-slash, language, angst
Pairing: HP/DM
Word count: 1507
Disclaimer: Owned by J.K. Rowling.
Summary: Draco decides to have fun at Harry’s expense. It doesn’t turn out quite the way he had hoped.
A/N: Written for jamie2109 and nocturnali's AWDT prompt of “Why are all the pretty one’s insane?” (which I missed last week, but had started) and this week’s prompt of "Evil is an art form."
Thanks to the Harry Potter Lexicon for explanations of the Fidelius Charm and other information.

Also…this is Part 6 of the Not Quite Perfect arc.

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“Why are all the pretty one’s insane?” Harry said, much louder than Draco would have liked.

Draco was doing an excellent job at storming out and Potter’s crack stilled him. He could only imagine what all the customers around them were thinking. Spinning on his heal, Draco growled, “Potter…”

“Harry!” Harry interrupted and gave the infuriating ‘disarming’ smile.

Draco’s growl grew louder, “Potter you’re exasperating!”

Harry’s smile grew at the insult. “One of my best qualities, some would say.”

“Who? Your Gryffindor friends?” Draco snorted, before adding, “Anyone with an IQ above 90 and with any amount of social grace would find you to be maddening.”

Harry’s smile faltered for only a second or two before it regained strength. “I just like to think I am good at what I do; no mater what it is.”

“Fine, be good at it. Just leave me alone,” Draco said louder than he intended. He turned and started to walk out. He wasn’t surprised when Harry called out his name again.

Draco closed his eyes, wishing for patience as Potter caught up to him. “Can we at least talk? I know you might find me a bit irritating…”

“Maddening, Potter. That’s a lot more than ‘a bit irritating’ when I last looked,” Draco said, taking a deep breath to keep from losing it.

“Okay, maddening, but…here…lets sit on this bench and at least you can hear me out.”

Potter motioned to a bench against the wall to the store. It was far enough from the entrance that no one would hear them. After inspecting it for all the gross goodies one might leave on a public bench, Draco sat. He chose to sit on the end furthest from the door, as he knew he could speak softly. He didn’t trust Potter to do the same. He also could see the people walking in and out, giving him something to look at besides Harry.

“Speak!” Draco commanded and was thrilled when Potter did.

“I just want a chance, Draco,” Harry implored.

Narrowing his eyes, Draco mumbled, “I’m giving you a chance. So speak.”

“No, not just a chance to speak. I want a chance to see if we…if we can…”

“Spit it out, Potter,” Draco grumbled.

“I want a chance to see if we can make it work…together…as a couple…romantically,” Harry said. All the rejection lately had made him lose a bit of his Gryffindor courage.

“I gave you that chance at your house last week,” Draco spat.

Harry just smiled.

‘Damn him and that damn smile!’ Draco thought, already recognizing that the smile that had irritated him was now beginning to work on him.

“Draco,” Harry intoned as if speaking with a small child or an angry animal “did you really? Did you really give me…us…a chance when you ran out so quickly? You got scared too quickly.”

Draco’s anger began to simmer again before he said, “You insulted and laughed at me! You took advantage of me and kissed me!”

“But I told you how I felt, first,” Harry said, not really explaining away his actions, more in a way to tell Draco how he viewed it.

“How can you justify…” Draco began, but the words stuck in his throat as he saw a man walk out of the store. A very important man was walking towards them. His boss.

Harry, however, did not see who was coming towards them as his back was to the door. “How can I justify what, Draco?”

“Shh! Just…oh my God!” Draco said, the panic building on his face as he saw that they had been seen.

Harry was startled at the expression on Draco’s face. But just as he was about to ask him what the problem was, a large man walked up to their bench.

Draco’s face turned beet red as he stood and shook hands with the older gentleman. “Hello, Mr. Miller, sir. How are you?” Draco tried to not let anyone hear the fear in his voice.

“Fine. I’m just fine, Mr. Evans. Just out for a bit of milk and eggs.” Mr. Miller said, oblivious to Draco’s discomfort.

Draco tried to smile, but it was all too much.

“But I must be going. We’ll see you on Monday, then. Take care,” Mr. Miller said and walked away.

Draco was mortified and slunk into his seat next to Potter. Covering his face with his hands, he mumbled, “Oh no…oh no…oh no.”

“Evans? Your new last name is Evans? But that was my mother’s last name. You had to have known that. Why would you have picked ‘Evans’, Malfoy?” Harry said, his dismay turning to a bit of anger.

“How could you find me if you didn’t know my new last name, Potter. It’s not like I was easy to find.” Draco said, uncovering his face and trying to sound angry. “You must have known before now.”

Potter stared at him. “I just…saw you. When I was here six months ago, I saw you at this grocery store. I couldn’t spend any of the Ministry’s time or money investigating why you were here, but I really wanted to know. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so after talking it over with Hermione and Ron, I took a leave of absence and came back to see if I could find you again.”

Draco gawked at him, dumbfounded.

“At first when I did, I couldn’t find you. I was afraid you had left. But then I was in a Muggle club on 18th street one night, and there you were. I hid in the shadows until I knew I could sneak out without you seeing me.” Harry voice broke as he spoke.

Draco’s curiosity got the better of him when he asked, “If you were looking for me, why didn’t you say something that night?”

Harry looked sheepish. “I couldn’t walk up to you in the middle of a Muggle club and say ‘Hi’. You would have known that I was there for you, or, if I weren’t, I would have to ignore you. I had to make it look like it was a coincidence we were in the same place at the same time, so I could talk to you without you storming away!”

“So it wasn’t a coincidence that you were at the market that day. You tried to get me to follow you around the place,” Draco said, realizing what had happened.

“Yes. I knew you wouldn’t like being ignored or dismissed. I counted on that as I walked away.”

Draco knew things were not making complete sense. “But you rented a house. You got dogs. You planned on staying?”

“Well, I did get the dogs for company. I don’t know anyone here but you. The house… the house is the Ministry’s.” When Draco looked confused, Harry continued. “It’s under the Fidelius charm, which is why I had to give you the address on the business card. I’m not the secret keeper, so I literally couldn’t tell you where it was located. How many other houses have you seen in Chelsea, Draco?”


“Exactly. There are very few houses and none with yards. Without magic that wouldn’t have been possible.”

Draco swallowed and grumbled, angry that he hadn’t thought of that.

“You still didn’t answer my question,” Harry said, pulling Draco out of his own thoughts. “Why did you pick ‘Evans’, Draco?”

“It’s a Muggle name, Potter. It’s not like I know a lot of Muggle names,” Draco answered, trying to sound angry so Potter would rise to the bait and hopefully leave. He couldn’t possibly tell Harry the truth, that Harry had broken his heart when he dismissed Draco during 7th year. That Draco had realized he wanted to be closer to Potter, to be more than just an acquaintance or a friend. And when he had finally gathered to courage to ask him out, once he saw him he couldn’t get the words out. Potter was on a rampage, angry at the Weasel about something, and Draco just ‘happened’ to be there. When he tried to speak, Potter started taunting him and asked how it felt to be an orphan now that his parents were in Azkaban. He used all of Draco’s insults and previous cruelty to hurt him. And it left Draco with a broken heart and a new hatred of all things Potter.

He remembered all of this, but obviously Potter didn’t. So, like a true Malfoy, a Slytherin to the end, he went in for the kill with the words he knew would destroy Potter. “Besides, I picked a name of someone I knew my father would have liked to torture.

The shock and dismay on Harry’s face was painful to Draco. “Why would you do that? That is just evil!”

Draco’s smile grew as he sadly said, “Evil is an art form. It’s one of my best qualities, Potter.”


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